Rossano Gospels

200810291926 200810291926-1

Top left: Raising of Lazarus
Top right: Hypothesis
Bottom left: Mark portrait

Rossano Gospels (6th C)

Written in Greek
A luxurious manuscript – both by colours but also by the quality of the artistic execution.
A circular opening page reflecting the synthesis / unity of the four evangelists.
Image of the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Reveals a distinction between believers and non-believers. Below this image are four old testament prophets, each “holding’ texts. Hebrews begins with quotes from the OT justifying the link to the NT.
Illuminated sections of the manuscript are not inserted into the Gospel text, but rather are placed to the front to make a theological statement.
Not a picture book like the Vienna Genesis, not a dense text setup like the Cotton Genesis.
Earliest extant Evangelist portrait, possibly the earliest portrait altogether. View of the seated philosopher inspired by a muse, a divine spirit, but not represented as a dove, or typical Christian image. Blending of polytheistic Roman tradition harnessed to communicate ideas about a relatively new Christian tradition.


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